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Hydraulic Pit Leveler HP 
Hydraulic Pit leveler Model HP is exclusivley built with a solid C channel deck support for superior weight capacities and durability


The HP series Hydraulic Pit Leveler, exclusively constructed with a solid “C” Channel deck support, provides superior construction at a fraction of the cost. With its Solid State Proximity Sensors and 1 HP, 1.3 GPM Hydraulic deck and lip, the HP series automatically returns to a safe cross traffic position when the truck departs. Full width cold roll CF 1045 steel pin, seamless tubing and 55,000 lb. minimum yield steel tread plate Deck and lip make this the most durable leveler we offer. Lip keepers serve as night locks for security and provide safe cross traffic support when unit is stored. Laminated Dock Bumpers and grease fittings on lip hinge are standard with each unit.

1 HP, 1.3 GPM Hydraulic deck and lip
25,000-45,000 lb
Widths 6'; 6'6"; 7'
Lengths 6'; 8'; 10' (Custom sizes available)

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  • Deck and lip are constructed of 55,000 b. Minimum Yield Tread Plate.
  • Deck support beams are solid steel structural "C" channel, fully welded to full-width header plate.
  • Regenerative main and Lip Cylinders provide dual-sided lubrication for all hydraulic seal.
  • Extra heavy rear angle with strategically placed gussets provides maximum structural support and frame strength.
  • Continuous hinge design with grease fittings included as standard.
  • Laminated Bumpers protect dock face and leveler from truck damage.

Easy Installation

  • Power is available in 1 PH, (115), (208), or (230) volts; or 3 ph. (208), (230), or (460) volts. all 60HZ units.
  • Custom rear angle is two inches wider than the leveler. providing extra area to weld at both ends.
  • front and rear forklift slots provide easy access for maneuvering and installation.
  • Side ports allow unit to be suspended and lowered into pit from dock floor.


  • Hydraulic system includes inline safety stop to prevent free-fall in the event the unit suddenly becomes unsupported.
  • Power unit is totally enclosed, factory welded, and tested per specifications. All 60HZ units. Remote box meets N.E.M.A. 4 requirements.
  • Hp Series solid state proximity sensors automatically return leveler to safe cross traffic support when truck departs.
  • Lip keepers serve as night locks for security, and provide safe cross traffic support when the unit is stored. Deck tilts to a maximum of 4" rom side to side, compensating for unlevel trucks.
  • Full range toe guards protect workers from injury during loading and unloading.
  • Base frame support struts exclusive to, our leveler, transfer pull out forces of unsupported leveler onto the floor of the pit, making it the strongest, most safe leveler on the market!

“HP” Series Hydraulic Pit Leveler 
Architectural Specifications 

A. Manufacturer

1.Design is based on products manufactured by: PIONEER Dock Equipment
2.  Type: Loading dock leveler shall be fully hydraulic, push button operated with no moving parts. 

B.  Product Characteristics:  

Hydraulic Dock Levelers 
1. Product: Fully Hydraulic dock leveler – Model HP_____________ 
2. Size:  ____” wide x ____’ long, ____” deep to fit ____” deep pit. 
3. Capacity: _____________ lbs. Dynamic Capacity (Capacities available  -  25, 30, 35, 40, & 45,000 lb.) 

4. Construction: 

4.1 The platform shall be ¼” thick, 55,000 lb. minimum yield steel tread plate.  Platform support shall be structural steel “C” channel welded at front of leveler to full width header plate.  No formed sheet metal shapes will be acceptable. 
4.2 Lip shall be ½” thick (5/8” thick on 35K and above), 55,000 lb. minimum yield steel tread plate with a projection beyond the platform edge of 16” and 12” beyond the bumpers.  Lip hinge pin shall be 1” cold rolled CF1045 steel shaft.  Hinge tubes are 1 1/8” I.D. seamless with grease fittings. 
4.3 Exclusive structural base frame safety struts will transfer unsupported load forces into the pit floor rather than the embedded angle in case of premature truck departure. 
4.4 Toe guards shall be full range telescoping type as standard. 

5. Operation: 

5.1 Fully automatic deck and lip actuation.  Single push button remote controls all stages of operation.  When button is depressed leveler will raise and lip will extend.  When button is released, unit will descend onto the truck bed. 
5.2 HP series automatically returns to safe, cross traffic position when truck departs via solid state proximity sensors.  No limit switches to be accepted.

6. Characteristics: 

6.1 Unit shall have a working range of 12” above and 12” below dock level.
6.2 A velocity fuse, or in line safety stop, is standard and shall provide positive stop in case of premature truck departure. 
6.3 Ramp to be recyclable with truck in position at dock. 
6.4 Cross traffic support and night lock security to be provided by lip stored in lip keepers. 
6.5 Deck to compensate (tilt) a maximum of 4” from side to side to service out of level trucks. 
6.6 Levelers and warranty shall meet or exceed the performance requirements of CS202-56., O.S.H.A. and ANSI MH-14.1. 1 – 1984. 

7. Weather seal: Brush type (meets FDA requirements) weather seals optional.

8. Bumpers: Two per dock leveler. 

Pit leveler pan form for model HP

Pit Leveler Pan Form

Avoid costly mistakes and get the right dimensions everytime with a Pan form kit. Designed for ease of use, the Pit Pan form is simple to assemble and place prior to pouring your dock pit. All steel construction make this item ideal for any new dock installation. Click the links below to learn more about installation and dimensions.  

For applications where trucks are coming in lower than the Pit Leveler operating range, we suggest using wheel risers. Getting yours trailer bed up to a safe working height, at or above dock level, is essential to the proper freight handling. Wheel risers are also a great product for loading docks receiving a variety of trucks heights.

Truck Risers - Wheel Risers 

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March 27, 2019

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