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​DGLED LED Dock Guide Lights

Dock Guide Light LED

Communicate effectively for safe, accurate docking, at your facility with LED Loading Dock Guide Lights. With One hundred bright LEDs per set these units are highly visible, even in daylight! Built rugged with shock and vibration resistance the DGLED LEDs are protectively covered by a weatherproof polycarbonate amber housing; a color ideal for contrast and depth perception in mist, fog, and other inclement weather.

The LED Loading Dock Guide Light Set can also be combined with "Stop & Go" lights for even greater levels of communication between drivers and warehouse staff. Designed to provide added safety by improving a driver’s depth perception while backing into an open dock, these lights are ideal for every loading dock.

  • Easy installation on any vertical surface
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Ideal for dark loading bay navigation
  • No separate power supply required for DGLED-120 AC units.
  • DGLED-12 units connect directly to AC/DC power supply. (12-24V)
  • Customizable color signals for greater levels of communication on GL1100 units
  • Easily activated by any on/off switch, control relay, or permanent power supply

Benefits of LED Guide Lights

Use less power, 5X brighter than incandescent models. Brighter LEDs mean higher visibility and a safer loading dock. LEDs are rugged; no fragile filaments or glass parts to break Virtually maintenance free – 5 year limited warranty on the LED’s.

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LED Dock Guide Light
120v LED Module

UL & cUL Listed 
100 LED Per ​Pair

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LED Dock Guide Light
12v AC/DC LED Module
100 LED Per ​Pair

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Yellow LED Dock Guide light
Powder coated CRS housing

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Incandescent Dock Light with 60

Incandescent dock light with 40" arm. 

Max Wattage:  300
Max Lumens:  3,700
40" Single Strut Arm

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molded 2 hole DB-13 Bumper
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DB-13 Molded Dock Bumper
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Molded Bumper Model R
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4" Thick x 12"High x 13" Long
Type R Bumper
Edge of dock leveler bumper

Heavy Duty Aluminum Dockboard
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Capacity: 15,000 lbs
Size: 60" Wide x 60" long
7" height range for all equipment
9" height range for gas forklifts

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