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Curtain wall

Curtain Walls

Warehouse, office spaces, and homes are often designed without consideration to future use. Rather than committing to an expensive remodel, consider a curtain wall. Curtain walls, as an alternative to permanent installations, offer a low cost solution tailored to suit your needs.

Our industrial curtain walls are constructed of High Quality fire rated 18 oz. vinyl intended to provide years of use. Standard colors for the curtain are white, blue, or translucent. For curtains over 1500 square feet other colors are available.


  • Double stitched seams
  • Velcro hemmed partitions
  • 18oz re rated vinyl
  • (Optional) Fully enclosed Chain weight bottom pocket
  • (Optional) PVC Window(s)
  • Chemical resistant

Ideal for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, offices, schools, government institutions, and wherever spaces need to be defined. Our easy to use and install curtain walls require no special training or tools to install making it an ideal solution for most companies. We regularly design systems intended to suspend from the ceiling or roof bracing structure, walls, in addition to our free standing support system. Curtain material can be stretched over panels or hung from rolling track hardware allowing the curtain to slide of the way when not in use.

Curtain walls with window

Standard Curtain walls include

  1. Fire rated 18 oz. vinyl fabric available in white, blue or translucent.
  2. (Optional) Straight track with track brackets.
  3. (Optional) Trolleys on 1 ft. centers
Make isolation booths with curtain walls.
Curtain Walls Isolate!

Isolated Areas

Isolate work areas machining rooms, welding booths, and consultation areas with a curtain wall designed for your specific need. Any size of small work area can be created within a larger area quickly, and easily. Sections can be added, rolled out of the way or removed when not needed. Curtain Walls are ideal for cost effective design and construction.

Curtain Wall Systems
Curtain Wall Systems

Full Enclosures

Custom Curtain Walls create new, usable storage and work areas out of larger unmanageable warehouse and office spaces. Standing mounts and rolling hardware make this option viable for a range of applications where ceilings and other mounting surfaces are not available.

Curtain Wall Partitions
Curtain Wall Partitions


Designed for use in Gyms, factories, Homes, Fitness Centers, and other types of large open areas in need of separate wok spaces. Permanent top panels for high ceiling with free standing sliding panels below allow usage and accessibility.


Specific uses and curtain wall needs vary greatly to better serve you we suggest giving us a call so we may better understand your specific needs. Call 1800-741-1258 for your immediate quotation.

For a quick quote use the form below:

Pricing for Curtain Walls

Material: $2.20 per sq. ft. of opening width. (We add 5% for slack in the curtain free of charge.)

Hardware:  $12.00 per lineal ft of opening width for hardware kit. Additional charges for free standing mounts.

Add on Options: Chain weight $3 per lineal foot

8" x 36" Window
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October 31, 2019

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