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Dock Plates 
Loading Dock Plates are handy products in any industry that uses wheels for product movement. Note: These light weight dock plates are not to be used with powered equipment.   

Our Dock Plates, "Model B", are rectangles of aluminum with locking legs and either a hand hole or handles to move them. Stronger then our "Model A" dock plates, the B dock plate is built to handle heavier loads.  Not for use with forklifts.

These dock plates are rectangles of aluminum with locking legs and either a hand hole or handles to move them. They differ from dock boards in that dock plates should NEVER be used for power equipment, but are made for manually moving freight with a hand truck or pallet jack. A dock plate is an ideal solution to bridge the gap between trucks, trailers and loading docks.

A Spring Loaded Dock Plate solves a problem in some common situations.  Many times a dock will service the exact same truck or type of truck during the day.  Loads that are handled by hand trucks or dollies are the perfect senerio for these boards.

Aluminum dock plates are great for small jobs!

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