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B612-75-A -- Extra Length Dock Bumper 6 x 12 x 75
 6 x 12 x 75 Laminated Dock Bumpers
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Anchorage Devices:
End Mounting Style:
Wedge Anchors:4 1/4" x 3/4" Wedge Anchors (add $18.00)
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Dock bumper dimensions
Thickness: 6"
Height: 12"
Width: 75"


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Dock Bumper Model: B612-75-A

Specification U.S. Metric
Projection 6 in 152.4
Height 12 in 304.8
Rubber Width 71 in 1803.4
Bolt Hole Centers 75 in 1905
Overall Width 77 in 1955.8
Weight 223 Lbs. 101.2 kg
Internal Anchors 2

All measurements +/- 1/8"

  • Provides protection against vehicle damage to docks, buildings and cargo
  • Absorbs over 80% of truck impact and shock to protect dock and building
  • Leading bumper sold in the industry today
  • Coverage across dock face
  • Eliminates costly repairs from severe shock to docks
  • Anchored through thick steel angles to provide stability and shape retention
  • Additional mounting points for a secure installation
  • Maintenance free
  1. Bumpers: Durable Laminated Extra-Long Rubber Dock Bumper; Fabric reinforced rubber pads laminated between structural steel angles and secured with 3/4 inch (19 mm) steel supporting rods; anchor bolts protected by rubber
  2. Projection from Wall: 6 in (152.4 mm)
  3. Vertical Height: 12 in (304.8 mm); Vertical bolt hole centers: 4 in (101.6 mm)
  4. Overall Length: 77 in (1955.8 mm); Bolt Hole Centers: 75 in (1905 mm)
  5. The anchor leg of angle extends a minimum of 3" beyond the rubber surface at either end and contains two or three 13/16" anchor bolt holes as required. (Anchor bolts are supplied separately.)
  6. The finish for exposed metal parts shall be Black, or hot dipped galvanized. (Galvanized has additional cost).
  7. Bumper to hold dimensions of 75 in x 6 in x 12 in (LWH) - bumper rubber dimensions to be 6 inx 12 in x 71 in (WHL) - Bumper metric dimensions to be 1905mm x 152.4mm x 304.8mm (LWH)
Open loading docks - Open loading docks are prone to damage from trucks missing the intended docking position. To prevent concrete damage a continuous extra length bumper provides the highest level of protection for your facilities loading dock.
Dock Seals and Refrigerated Warehouses - Dock seals while ideal for the sides and top of a door are prone to air flow from the bottom of the door. To properly seal the entire door an extra length dock bumper provides the ideal combination of 80% impact absorption and total coverage across the base of the door. Ask about our custom lengths.
Bumper Anchorage Insert Styles
Quantity of internal Anchor points: 2
  • AD-1 (for anchorage to lower dock face)
  • AD-2 (for anchorage to dock floor)
  • AD-3 (for anchorage to dock floor and dock face)
  • AD-T (for anchorage to curb angle and dock face)

Anchor Diagram

Bumper End Angle Styles
  • 90° angle on both ends (Standard)
  • Flat plate on right (Weld on application)
  • Flat plate on left (Weld on application)
  • Flat plate both ends (Weld on application)

12 in High x 75 in Long x 6 in Thick

Wedge Anchors sold separately.

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