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Intended for use on loading docks with decline approaches. The extra thick bumper series is the only solution to protect your facility walls from trailers docked at slopes greater than 2%.     

  • Available in depths up to 12”
  • Absorbs over 80% of truck impact and shock
  • Greater depth to keep trailer away from walls
  • Maintenance free
  • Made in the USA

Extra Thick Dock Bumpers

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Extra Thick Dock Bumper Model Selection

The typical projection for a dock bumper is 4.5”. While this is ideal for a dock with a level approach & no obstructions, loading docks with declines require thicker bumpers to maintain a minimum gap of 4" between the wall and trailer.

Increasing Thickness for Decline Approaches

For decline approaches, add 1" of thickness for every percent of slope over 2%. This increase is additional to the standard 4.5" depth required for level dock approaches.
For Example a 5% decline would require a 9" - 10.5" deep bumper.

Pit Leveler Bumpers

Pit Levelers require, at minimum, 8" of lip inside the trailer. Increasing dock bumper projection beyond 6" may require cantilevering of the pit leveler to ensure the lip operates in a safe manner.

Depths Greater than 10.5"

The majority of dock boards with legs or 2 pin models are designed to bridge gaps up to 11". When considering your dock bumper depth keep in mind gaps greater than 11" are unsafe for boards without 4 pins.

Calculating dock slopeNote: When measuring slope keep in mind the goal is to measure the slope of the trailer. For the majority of applications this would require a slope measurement from 50'.

Extra Thick Dock Bumper Specifications

Uses / Applications

  • Where greater "stand out" distance from the dock sill is required. Commonly due to, steep ramps, canopied docks, overhangs or other architectural features.


  • Consists of tough plies of truck tire fabric which virtually eliminates chipping or abrasion.


  • Maintenance free, weather resistant.
  • Prevents damage to trucks, loading docks and buildings by providing greater stand-out distance from dock sills on steep ramps.
  • Protects dock seals from over-compression.

Material / Thickness

  • Uniform size, fabric reinforced rubber pads cut from selected recycled truck tires in 9", 10-1/2", and 12" projections.


  • Structural mounting angles permit welding installations or provide bolting through steel (as opposed to bolting through rubber).
  • No assembly required.


  1. Furnish and install extra-thick laminated rubber bumpers as manufactured by Durable Corporation, Norwalk, Ohio. Model No(s)________. Resilient rubber material of bumpers shall be rubberized truck tires cut to uniform size pads, in stand-out thickness of 9", 10-1/2", or 12", punched to receive 3/4" steel tie rods.
  2. All bumpers are closed with 1/4" steel formed angles under approximately 1,500 lbs of pressure. The angles are welded and 3/4" rods at one end and closed with threaded rod and nut at other end. Flat plates available.
  3. Anchor leg of angle extends a minimum of 3" beyond the rubber surface at either end and contains at least two or three 13/16" anchor bolt holes as required. (Anchor bolts are supplied separately). Finish for exposed metal parts is either chrome aluminum lead-free enamel, or hot-dipped galvanized.

Extra Thick Dock Bumper Price

Model Depth Height Width Maximum Slope Weight
B810-14 8" 10" 14" 3% 63#
B810-24 8" 10" 24" 3% 98#
B810-36-A* 8" 10" 36" 3% 152#
B820-11 8" 20" 11" 3% 103#
B910-14 9" 10" 14" 4% 63#
B910-24 9" 10" 24" 4% 98#
B910-36-A* 9" 10" 36" 4% 152#
B920-11 9" 20" 11" 4% 103#
B10510-14 10.5" 10" 14" 5% 71#
B10510-24 10.5" 10" 24" 5% 109#
B10510-36-A* 10.5" 10" 36" 5% 167#
B10520-11 10.5" 20" 11" 5% 109#
B1210-14 12" 10" 14" 7% 76#
B1210-24 12" 10" 24" 7% 120#
B1210-36-A* 12" 10" 36" 7% 195#
B1220-11 12" 20" 11" 7% 134#
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  B820-11 - Dock Bumper 8 x 20 x 11

Truck Dock Bumper.
American Made
8" thick x 20" high x 11" wide

B820-11   $225.29  

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Extra Thick Dock Bumper Dimensions

Extra Thick Dock Bumper Dimensions

Extra Thick Laminated Dock Bumper part number

Outside to Outside Width +2"
Rubber Width -4"

Brochure (PDF)

Extra Thick Dock Bumper FAQ

How deep does my bumper need to be?
Dock bumper depth is generally determined by the degree of slope your trailer sits at. For every percent of slope over 1% we would add an inch of depth to the standard 4.5" depth. For example a trailer with a 5% slope would require a 9" or 10.5" deep bumper.

Are custom Dock Bumper sizes available?
Yes! All dock bumper models are available in alternate sizes. Custom sizes will carry a minimum lead time of 2 weeks.

Are these in stock
Certain models of the extra thick dock bumpers are commonly stocked. Ask your Loading Dock Supply representative for a stock check.
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