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  • What weight capacity do I need?
    To determine what weight capacity you will need take a look at your forklift and determine the number of wheel as well as the carrying capacity. If your forklift has four wheels multiply the capacity by three, if it is a three wheeled model multiply by four. If your loading dock is used for more than one shift per day increase the capacity up to the next weight bracket. Example: A four wheeled tow-motor with a capacity of 3,500 pounds will require at least a 10,000 pound capacity, if used for multiple shifts a 13,000 or 15,000 pound minimum will be required.   back to top

  • How wide should my board be?
    A minimum product width of 12" to 18" wider than the overall width of the vehicle or pallet used is suggested for safe operation.  back to top

  • What is the usable width of my Dock Board?
    Dock Boards have 3" welded curbs on each side of the board for stability. Subtract 6" from the dock board width to determine the usable width.   back to top

  • Can I order a dock board without curb rails?
    No. The rails are what give the dock board strength and cannot be removed. Dock Board rails cannot be mounted to the under side of the board either.  back to top

  • What is the working range of the Edge of Dock Leveler?
    The edge of dock leveler is designed to position up to 5" above and below the dock floor. Note: if your dock floor is too low to meet your needs a low dock leveler is designed to raise your dock height placing the leveler joint at a range were it will service trucks 5" above and below.   back to top

  • Can I use a pallet jack on the Edge of Dock leveler?
    No. the grade an edge of dock leveler is designed to operate at, is too steep for pallet jacks and other non forklift vehicles to clear when entering a truck.   back to top

  • What is the lead time for dock boards?
    For any model boards not in "quick ship" tab in the link list at the top right corner of this page. a 5-7 working day lead time will apply.  back to top

  • What is the lead time on walk ramps?
    All walk ramps have a 7 working day lead time.  back to top

  • Can I use my pallet jack on a walk ramp?
    No, the walk ramps are intended for foot traffic only. This is due to the lack of girders to provide support and the steep incline the walk ramp has been designed to be used at.  back to top

  • Why can't I use a forklift on my Dock Plate?
    The dock plate does not have side curbs welded or bolted into place for support. The rails are essential for the stability and safe use of the ramp. Dock Plates are designed to be used solely for non motorized traffic.   back to top

  • Is there a dock board I don't need to use a forklift to move?
    Yes. The AC & BC model aluminum dock plates are not only light weight yet durable, but also have an option for EZ-Roll lifting handles that make it easy to roll the board into position. These handles securely bolt to the side of the board and quickly fold out of the way when not in use.  back to top

  • What is the range of a dock leveler?
    Dock Levelers offered through loading dock supply are designed to be used by forklifts only, and have an operating range of 5" above and below the dock. Note: electric forklifts typically have lower clearances making it less safe to go down into a truck with a differential of more than 3".   back to top

  • Does mounting hardware come with the leveler?
    No. The anchor sleeves used for mounting levelers are an additional cost. It should also be noted installation of levelers requires the use of an approach plate or embedded C channel to weld the top of your leveler to, we offer these as well.   back to top

  • is there a Dock Board for angled parking?
    Yes. The most suitable Dock Board for angled parking and park outs is the red pin Dockboard. Consisting of four locking pins the Red Pin Dock Board is the only dock board designed to have a fully adjustable range of pin placements to match the docked trucks position.   back to top

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molded 2 hole DB-13 Bumper
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DB-13 Molded Dock Bumper
4" Thick x 10"High x 13" Long

Molded Bumper Model R
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4" Thick x 12"High x 13" Long
Type R Bumper
Edge of dock leveler bumper

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40" Double Strut Adjustable Dock Light Arm
Polycarbonate Light Head
Rated for up to 150 watts
UL listed

Heavy Duty Aluminum Dockboard
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Capacity: 15,000 lbs
Size: 60" Wide x 60" long
7" height range for all equipment
9" height range for gas forklifts

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