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Quartz Halogen Dock Light
Dock Lights have become extremely versatile for multiple types of applications, such as Dock Areas, Work Stations, Machine Centers, and many more. 

The outer arm is equipped with an electrical outlet embedded in the arm.  The light head is attached to the end of the arm and plugged directly into the outlet.  Having an outlet in the arm simplifies replacing the light head (if necessary) since no re-wiring is required.  Another advantage of the outlet is that it allows interchanging light heads to alternative light sources using other Trilite Modular dock light head models.

Dock lights are available in a variety of arm lengths:

40"   Arm - Single Strut Adjustable Single Joint Design

60"   Arm - Single Strut Adjustable Single Joint Design

24"   Arm - Dual Strut Design

40"   Arm - Dual Strut Single Joint Design

60"   Arm - Dual Strut Single Joint Design

40"   Arm - Dual Strut Adjustable Single Joint Design

60"   Arm - Dual Strut Adjustable Single Joint Design

The multi-arm dual strut design incorporates a vertical and horizontal adjustment (VA) bracket, which adds mobility so that the fixture can be maneuvered into a variety of positions.

NOTE:  Triple strut (Heavy Duty) design, does not have vertical adjustment capabilities. 

Dock Lights are UL/C-UL listed and meet all NEC and OSHA general safety requirements.

Incandescent Dock Lights
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Polycarbonate LED Dock Lights
(arms are adjustable)
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Metal Halide Dock Light

High Pressure Sodium Dock Lights
(arms are adjustable)
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