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Loading Dock Supply is your one stop shopping experience for loading dock equipment since 2004.  We offer loading dock products such as: Loading Dock Bumpers, Dock boards, Dock Levelers, Dock Lights, Pit Levelers, Dock Seals, Truck Shelters, Trailer Restraints and many other products designed for the modern loading dock. 

On this site you will find loading dock equipment that can be ordered to fit your needs.  Many of our loading dock products can be custom built in the manufacturing process, therefore making us unique.  We have provided drawings, product sheets and many other useful tools for selecting your loading dock equipment.  Most products are manufactured in the United States and stocked in various locations.

Our office and phone lines are open from 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time.  Please call and speak with a sales associate for any questions you might have.

Loading Dock Bumpers
Dock Bumpers

Loading Dock Bumpers are used for building and equipment protection.  Choose from:  Laminated Dock Bumpers, Extruded Dock Bumpers, or Molded Dock Bumpers.

Dock Boards
Dock Boards

Dock Boards and Dock Plates make great bridges for loading and unloading Semi Trailers. We have many styles and sizes to choose from: Aluminum Dock Plates and Aluminum Dock Boards, Steel Dockboards, Model T Dockboards, Red Pin Dock Boards, Container Ramps, Industrial Yard Ramps, Rail Boards and other products used for loading and unloading freight from Semi Trailers and Rail Cars.

Dock lights
Dock lights

A Loading Dock Light will provide great illumination while loading or un-loading a trailer.  We offer many different styles and sizes of docklights.  To see our collection please click here.

Strip Doors
Strip Doors

Strip Door Kits are great alternatives for walk through doorways. The barrier a Strip Door provides will lower noise, and help save in heating or cooling costs.  Loading Dock Supply offers assembled strip doors as well as strip door kits for the do it yourself applications. 

Dock Seals
Dock Seals

Compression Dock Seals and Dock Shelters  Dock Seals are essential to saving energy at the warehouse.  Conserve the heating and cooling at the building by sealing the doorway to the trailer.

Loading Dock Equipment, Dock Bumpers, Dock Boards, Yard Ramps, Dock Lights, and Industrial Equipment

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Loading Dock Equipment
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