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Yard Ramp with Legs Caster Wheels - 16SYS7036L-C
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16,000 lb capacity
36' Long x 70" Wide
Legs with Caster Wheels


HomeYard RampsBrochure (PDF)

Steel Yard Ramp Model: 16SYS7036L-C

Our newest Yard ramp offering the caster model yard ramp uses steel legs with Polyurethane Caster wheels in place of the traditional hydraulic undercarriage. Perfect for standard LTL dry van trailers and refer trailers the caster model yard ramp is a dependable loading resource that wont go out of commission due to a faulty hydraulic pump.

Capacity: 16,000 lbs
Length: 36'
Width: 70" (64" usable width)
Wheel Diameter: 8"
Raised Lip Height: 59"
Lowered Lip Height: 42"
% of Grade @ 50" Height: 14%
Curb Heights: 8"
Carrier End Treadplate: 30" Reinforced apron with 15" Lip
Approach Apron: 60" Reinforced Apron

Yard Ramp SYS-C (PDF)

Advantages of a Yard Ramp with Caster legs

  • Simple movement with ramp clamp or tow bar
  • Lower maintenance costs compared with hydraulic pumps or electric motors
  • Durable steel casters and adjustable legs
  • Normal service range is 42” to 59”, but special orders can accommodate different heights
  • The caster leg model yard ramp eliminates the risk of blowing out the hydraulic gaskets or dealing with a pump failure.

6' Level off
The 6' level off assists forklift drivers entering and exiting the trailer by reducing the need to adjust loads when entering trailers or low dock doors. The Model 16SYS7036L-C Yard Ramp is intended for both dock to ground and truck to ground applications.

Ramp Clamp
The optional ramp clamp assists the operator in moving the Yardramp over short distances. Forklift tine inserts into the swivelling lift loop and is secured by a locking device.

Tow Bar
The optional towbar features a fast-locking, easy hook-up to the Yardramp and makes towing over long distances practical. A quick disconnect feature improves handling efficiency.

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