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Bluff Spring Loaded Aluminum Dock Plate

The Bluff Spring loaded dock plate, otherwise known as a (SL Plate), solves a problem in some common situations.  Many times a loading dock will service the exact same truck or type of truck. If the loads are loaded or unloaded by using a hand truck or other manual method, the SL dock plate may be the right solution.

The aluminum dockplate has a pair of spring loaded attachments that set it in place on your dock floor.  The springs will allow the dock plate to be quickly and safely lowered for use.

When the loading is finished, the dock plate is lifted, aided by the springs.  The dock plate is then stored in a vertical position ready for its next job.

The diamond deck aluminum plate has a non skid surface but can be enhanced with 3 M strips of adhesive grit material. 

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Sept 30, 2014


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