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Incandescent dock light with 24" arm. Wire guard included but not shown.  Optional fan.

Dock Levelers

Dock Levelers for Edge of Dock
Standard Mechanical Leveler depicted

Mounted directly to the face of your dock, an edge of dock leveler (EOD) provides dependable access to trailers ±5” above and below the loading dock. The standard manual model actuates via a self storing handle that relies on a high torsion spring and Latch assembly, allowing the lip to raise up and glide onto the bed of the trailer with ease. Once in place the latch releases allowing the leveler self store when the truck pulls away. With an EOD you’ll receive the benefits of a pit leveler without the extensive labor and upfront costs associated with installation and upkeep.   

Note: Edge of dock levelers require a welded installation

Dock Leveler Features

  • Capacities from 20,000 to 30,000 lbs.
  • Widths of 66", 72" and 78"
  • Self storing lip
  • Self storing handle
  • Refrigerated lip optional
  • Bumper and bumper blocks are included.
  • ±5" above and below dock level operating range
  • 16.75” Bumper projection
  • Simple to Install
  • Fast, Easy Operation
  • American Manufactured

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Dock Levelers
Mechanical Dock Levelers
Standard Mechanical Leveler
Hydraulic dock leveler
Hydraulic Dock Levelers
Optional hydraulic model
Low Dock Leveler
Low Dock Levelers
Mounts above dock level

Dock Leveler construction

Spring Assisted Action

Raise and lower the ramp with less than 50 lbs of force! The dock levelers high torsion spring assembly takes the work out of raising and lowering the dock leveler making it easy for almost any of your personel.

Operating Range

The standard mechanical Edge of Dock Leveler is designed for operation ±5" above and below dock level for gas forklifts or ±3” for all other equipment types.

Our Low Dock Solution

For loading docks too low for this working range we also offer low dock ramps designed to be mounted to the floor of your loading dock opening. By effectively raising the level of your dock an edge of dock leveler may be mounted at a height suitable to your freight needs.

Our low dock ramps are also available for those with existing dock levelers mounted below their ideal operating range. 

ANSI Rated Steel

Standard MH30.2 -- In addition to the test for overall strength, as has been a longstanding practice for dockboard manufacturers, this standard incorporates a test which sets limits for deflection of product while under load. This test insures the integrity of the slope of the ramp. Loss of shape will result in grades which may not be usable for certain equipment.

Edge of Dock Leveler Design

The Dock Leveler is designed to accommodate a maximum of five inches above and below the dock, providing 18.5% grade down and 20% grade up. This is acceptable for most gas or propane forklifts but is not suitable for most pallet trucks or many electric forklifts.

  • Freight trailers range in height from 46 to 56 inches; for optimum performance the Dock Leveler should be mounted at 51" above the driveway.
  • Refrigerated trailers range in height from 50 to 60 inches; for optimum performance the Dock Leveler should be mounted at 55 inches above the driveway. In addition this application requires a 17" reefer lip to accommodate the offset floor of the trailer.
  • Flat bed trailers have a wide range of trailer heights. Dock boards or other equipment may be needed for extreme height variations.
  • Containers have variations in both floor heights and door configurations.
  • Captive fleets require mounting midway between lowest and highest trailer, provided ±5" range is maintained.

Pallet trucks and electric forklifts can be used with trailers 3 inches above and three inches below dock level. Dock boards or other equipment may be needed to accommodate a greater service range for pallet jacks and electric forklifts (This is due to limited clearance and grade this type of equipment operates at)

NOTE: Dock Levelers WILL NOT accommodate refrigerated and freight trailers at a single dock location due to above specified conditions.

Dock Leveler Parts components

Pit Levelers vs Edge of Dock Levelers

There are two primary differences between an edge of dock leveler and pit leveler, the degree of prep work required for installation and overall service height. 

Service Range
Pit Levelers offer a far greater service height than edge of dock levelers with some models reaching up to 16". However, for most loading applications, with a typical 48"-50" dock height, an edge of dock leveler is capable of handling 53' trailers with its service range of 5" above and below dock level. 

Edge of dock levelers are, by design, simply mounted to the face of the loading dock without the need for exstensive site modifications. In comparison a pit leveler requires exstensive renovations to an existing dock or proper pre planning as the loading dock is built.

Dock Board

Edge of Dock Levelers

  • Capacities from 20,000 to 30,000 lbs.
  • Widths of 66", 72" and 78"
  • Services ±5" Above or Below Dock Level
  • Mechanical or Hydraulic Models
  • Mounted to Dock Face
  • Low Maintenance
  • Unit Prices Start Around $900
Dock Board

Pit Levelers

  • Max Gross Load 12,500 to 25,000 lbs.
  • Widths of 72", 78" and 84"
  • Certain Models Service Up to 16" 
  • Mechanical or Hydraulic Models
  • Built into Dock Floor
  • High Maintenance
  • Labor Intensive Installation
  • Unit prices start around $2,000 

Dock Leveler operation motion

Edge of Dock Levelers
(Permanent Dock Ramp)

  • Capacities from 20,000 to 25,000 lbs.
  • Widths of 66", 72" and 78"
  • Automatically returns to stored position when truck leaves.
  • Self storing handle
  • Refrigerated lip optional
  • Bumper and bumper blocks are included.
  • 5" operating range

ProductsInstallation (PDF)

Low Dock Levelers
(Permanent Dock Ramp)

When a dock is built too low for use with a standard edge of dock leveler the Lo dock leveler becomes an ideal alternative. designed to permanently raise the level of your loading dock up to 11”, the Lo-dock leveler offers the needed height to get your leveler to the proper position. We also offer retrofit kits for existing levelers that need to be mounted at a higher position.

  • Typically used on docks ranging from 36" - 46" high
  • Raises edge of dock levelers (ramp) to proper working height
  • Completely assembled; no site welding required.
  • 5" operating range at height of build up


Best Selling Dock Levelers 
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20,000 lb capacity
15" Lip Length
72" Usable Width
95" Overall Width
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Reg. Price:
Sale Price:

20,000 lb capacity
15" Lip Length
66" Usable Width
89" Overall Width
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Incandescent Dock Light with 60

Incandescent dock light with 40" arm. 

Max Wattage:  300
Max Lumens:  3,700
40" Single Strut Arm

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molded 2 hole DB-13 Bumper
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DB-13 Molded Dock Bumper
4" Thick x 10"High x 13" Long

Molded Bumper Model R
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4" Thick x 12"High x 13" Long
Type R Bumper
Edge of dock leveler bumper

Heavy Duty Aluminum Dockboard
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Capacity: 15,000 lbs
Size: 60" Wide x 60" long
7" height range for all equipment
9" height range for gas forklifts

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